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Gate Valves and Globe Valves The Differences You Need to Know
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Valves are primarily used in piping, plumbing and generally in hydraulics. Valves are directs the flow of fluids and gases. It can be by having an open-close feature that blocks passageways of the fluids or gases. Basically, it also regulates the pressure on the flow of fluids and as a valve; you can control this bit by bit until you reach the desire flow or pressure.

Gate Valves

Gate valves are used in controlling the flow of fluids and gases. The reason why it’s called a valve because it is what manages the flow for it to be efficient. This specific valve is used to connect fluids as well as isolate them; it has an on-off feature which makes it one of the most basic valves you need to know about.

The good thing about gate valve is it’s much easier to be use because it’s either fully open or fully closed for it to function properly. For it to function properly, the application of this valve should also follow some ways like how it should not be overtightened so that the valve itself will not be distorted.

WFE API Cast Steel Gate Valves

Globe Valves

Compared to gate valves whose primary function is to be like a gate with an on-off feature, globe valves primarily control the flow and function when it comes to the pressure applied to the flow of fluids and gases. The globe pattern of the globe valve restricts flow more than other valves when comparing the globe valve. This is because of the different designs that a globe valve can come in.

WFE API Globe Valves

The Difference

Comparing these two valves with each other is essential especially because of how they are both alike and different, both with disadvantages and advantages. The thing that you need to do is to identify which valve has disadvantages that you can ignore much easier. Globe valves are like gate valves in a way that it can prevent fluid hammer.

A good thing about gate valves is that these valves are unidirectional; you can put them in any way around but globe valves are not. Globe valves are only functional in a certain and specific direction. Further, gate valves are known to be much cheaper than globe valves. With globe valves, it can offer a very efficient resistance when it comes to fluid flow which makes it much easier to control depending on the desired fluid flow you have in mind. Gate valves are not capable of this since they only offer a limited resistance to the flow of fluids even if it is set as fully open.

To lay it all down in a way that’s much easier to understand: choose gate valves if you’re really looking for that on-off feature and choose globe valves if you really want to control the pressure applied to the fluid flow as well or if you want the fluid trapping feature it has.

Where are valves used?

Valves are used everywhere, especially if we’re talking about the industrial process like in sewage management, which is already obvious. Aside from this, valves are very useful in oil processing, gas processing, electricity and power, food production and manufacturing and in many more industries. Valves are very useful when it comes to factories and how the machineries functions. You should know that even our own bodies have these so-called valves that control our blood flow. This further supports the idea that valves are very useful and essential in many fields of industry!

Valves can be manual or automatic. This depends on how it is used and how the machinery it is attached in functions. The bigger the machinery, there’s a possibility that the valve is automatic. But still, it depends on the prerogative of whoever manages the machines that have valves on it.

More About Valves

Valves can be made of different materials. It can be made of stainless steel, cast iron, titanium and even plastic. This depends on how the valve will be used, whether it’s just for short term or long term. When choosing the right kind of valve, you should first know where you’ll use it and that’s when you can start listing down the different types and categories of valves you can choose from.

The main parts of the basic types of valves are the bonnet and the body. The body is the outer part of the valve or the casing that carries the internal parts of the valve. The bonnet is part of the body which is the cover to the valve body. The bonnet is made in order to hold all the parts of the valve together and that’s why it’s one part of the valve which is easy to remember because of how it stays relevant.

There are other types of valves other than gate and globe valves but these two are some of the most common valves in use today, in whatever industry or field you may come across that makes use of valves.

Why valves?

Valves have a long history with them. It can be considered as a development of the simple machines that we know of. In ancient times, it was just a simple hinged flap that has the main purpose of obstructing and letting fluid flow in a certain direction. Due to this, the valve has been developed in many ways so that it has many extra functions aside from its primary function to basically control fluid flow.

In purchasing about valves, you should first gather information about valves first. This is essential in knowing what valve with address your needs, whether it’s about your home’s plumbing or piping system or it’s for a much bigger thing like a factory machine or that kind of thing, When choosing the right kind of valve, you should also choose the right manufacturer that will offer you top of the notch products that will surely never disappoint you. Choose a valve with the right brand! With that, you’ll never have problems with valves ever again.

This article is just a brief introduction to valves (gate valves and globe valves) , if you have any question or need further information about valve products, please contact us via mail sales@wfecn.com or direct call +86 (577) 5775 5599.





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