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2016/5/9 16:48:26
Ball valves are the most common type nowadays, but houses of any age can contain gate valves and globe valves, too. Whether you’re installing new valves, replacing old valves, or just wanting to know more about your house’s plumbing, it’s important to know the differences between ball, gate, and globe valves.
2016/5/6 16:20:12
Check Valves, also known as non-return, one-way, and clack valves, are different from other types of valves in their ability to pass fluid in solely one direction.
2016/5/5 17:14:10
This article will provide you with overall description of the globe valve, its design and application. Globe valve owe its name to a globular shape of the body of the valve, they are designed for start/stop service and are ideally suited for throttling service.
2016/5/4 10:37:30
A ball valve is a rotational motion (quarter turn), quick rotating valve that uses a ball-shaped disk to stop or start or regulate fluid flow. The function of this type of valves, ball is same as of disk in globe valve. When the valve handle is turned to open the valve, the spherical ball rotates to a position where the hole through the ball is in-line with the valve body inlet and outlet of flow. When the valve is shut, the ball is rotated so that the hole is perpendicular to the flow openings of the valve body and the flow is stopped.
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