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2016/7/18 15:50:24
The challenge in making a material choice is actually verifying that the chosen material best fits the application. This involves taking into account working conditions and flow media properties. Most important concerning the working conditions is to know the pressure and temperature ratings and for working media is to take in consideration corrosive and erosive properties. Additionally, it might be needed to consider thermal and physical shock, line stress and fire hazards.
2016/7/14 14:20:42
In this article you will find overall description of the gate valve, its design and application. The gate valve name is derived from the appearance of the disk in the flow stream. Gate valves are mainly used to start or stop flow and when a minimum flow restriction is needed with straight-line flow of fluid. In general, this valve in service is either fully open or fully closed.
2016/5/24 14:23:31
Plug valve has been commonly used in different situations for a long time. It’s becoming popular by its simple but solid structure design and low in fluid resistance. This article will give you a more knowledge about plug valve.
2016/5/16 9:35:19
Valves are primarily used in piping, plumbing and generally in hydraulics. Valves are directs the flow of fluids and gases. It can be by having an open-close feature that blocks passageways of the fluids or gases. Basically, it also regulates the pressure on the flow of fluids and as a valve; you can control this bit by bit until you reach the desire flow or pressure.
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